Mounting – Duplexing and Triplexing

To add a whole new dimension of creativity, we present to you the embellishing Technique of Duplexing and Triplexing.

This process is used in, but not limited to, the creation of bespoke business cards and invitations.

Duplexing is the technique of machine bonding of two sheets together to form a thicker board. Whilst this sounds like a simple process it allows great creative flair.

It has also been referred to as – sandwich cards, fused cards or laminate cards. Be sure you receive the true duplex effect with a machine bonded product. Embellishing Group has in-house capabilities which means you can choose any stock and any colour.

Think a colour sandwich edging your card, enhancing your first impression and adding a point of interest.

Expand this technique with our custom diecut capability and you can create a one of a kind piece.

That will get people talking!

Triplexing is the same technique only you have 3 sheets bonded together. Our process doesn’t limit the number of sheets only our ability to name them.

You can even use 2 different colours to create a 2 tone effect. Think licorice all-sorts.

The other huge upside to this process is you can emboss and/or deboss one side of the card and the indent doesn’t show on the other side of the card.

Talk to on our team to create the unforgettable.