Dazzle with Duplex

Is your business card a show stopper? Does the invitation to your next event scream “can’t” miss?

It’s not what you say – it is how you say it.

Bespoke Card Duplex and Foil StampEmbellishing Group has included the visually stunning Duplex and Triplex process to our range. You now have another option in your creative arsenal.

Duplexing is the process of bonding two boards together to create a heavier layered board. Triplexing is the addition of a third board. This simple technique opens the opportunity to create a multitude of effects and a truly bespoke brand presentation.

As with our other techniques, the duplexing process is crafted in house by our skilled team with a relentless attention to detail, allowing greater control over quality, timing and costs.

Your beautifully duplexed product can combine coloured stock to give the edge a simple, yet eye catching sandwich of colour. This process can be used in conjunction with most other techniques.

Express your brand in the most impressive way by combining quality stock, colour and techniques.

Duplexing our card for stylish finish  Duplex effect with Dies Cut   screwdriver-diecut-duplex