Specialty Envelope and Invite Project - Custom Make Envelope, Gold Foil

Custom Make Envelope and Specialty Invites

Recent Project – Custom Invites and Envelopes

Specialty Envelope and Invite Project - Custom Make Envelope, Gold Foil

We are seeing an increased number of specialty invites for corporate events, where designers want that extra attraction for their clients.

For custom make envelopes using embellishments, please see more at http://www.embellishinggroup.com.au/gallery/

A2 Embellishing

New Honeycomb Heater Plate

We have recently added an exciting piece of machinery!

A new honeycomb heater plate for our 660x480mm cyclinder.

This element was purchased from UK, and using their new toggle system, this helps speed up machine times which reduces costs for our clients.

Producing inspirational work. Get more inspiration!

Metallic and Textured lamination creating tactile finishes!

At Embellishing Group we are now using Metallic and Textured films to create a bold and dazzling impact!


This photo is Silver Metallic + Leather or Linen finish over the top. The metallic film is also available in gold.

Also available are Matt, Gloss, Scuff Proof or Soft Touch Lamination which can be used on their own or in conjunction with the Solid Metallic film.

The applications for this product are packaging, presentation folders, covers, corporate invites and whatever else you can dream up. We can then foil over the top of the lamination for personalisation.

Contact us today for samples or more information!

Embellishing Group History

Your Greatest Asset in Business

Businesses today are continually bombarded with techniques on how to find new customers, how to prospect and convert leads.

Clearly growth can come from new clients, however, it is vital that you never forget the value your current clients. Don’t neglect them.

Whilst you are targeting new customers to help grow your business, never forget the current clients who helped grow your business.

Recently Annette was making room in our office when she discovered a hand written order from a client dated 1983. The copperplate script on aged paper showed us two things.

Firstly it demonstrates the influence of  technology in how we do business, but importantly it is evidence that loyalty still exists. We have supplied this client with their specialty print needs for 33 years and continue to do so.

When you have a great customer  do what you can to keep them

  • Keep in contact
  • Understand their needs
  • Provide solutions to meet those needs
  • Keep in contact

Whilst you are targeting new customers to help grow your business, never forget the current clients who helped grow your business.

Duplex and Di cut for a fun business card

The Business of Business Cards

A business card, to some, may seem “old school”, a tool from the past. What video did to the radio star, the digital age did to the business card?

Not so. In fact, a quality business card can provide the impact to set you and your business apart from your competition. Online just can’t compete with that tactile edge of printing.

Embelliishing-Group-Folder-Busness-card-W  Using both the diecut and duplex techniques together  gOLD eDGE gILDING

First for Convenience

Business cards are small and easy to hand out when meeting a potential client. It contains the basic information that a new prospect needs to reach you or your business information.  It saves you the fuss of taking down numbers, or the digital share over the phone, where you become just another number.

Reflects your Brand

A business card leaves behind the information needed to contact you. It also leaves behind an impression of you and your business. The options to create a distinct card through design, font and stock gives you the opportunity to create a calling card that reflects you.

Power of Impact

A business card can really make an impact for clients. Using embellishing techniques you can make a business card memorable and collectable. Duplexing for weight, Foiling for a flash of colour, Embossing for texture and Die-cutting to create a truly individual piece.

Talk to our dedicated Presentation Consultants about our well crafted techniques. Adding these to your design can bring a business card to life.

See a gallery of bespoke stationery here


Duplex and die cut for bespoke business cards

Dazzle with Duplex

Is your business card a show stopper? Does the invitation to your next event scream “can’t” miss?

It’s not what you say – it is how you say it.

Bespoke Card Duplex and Foil StampEmbellishing Group has included the visually stunning Duplex and Triplex process to our range. You now have another option in your creative arsenal.

Duplexing is the process of bonding two boards together to create a heavier layered board. Triplexing is the addition of a third board. This simple technique opens the opportunity to create a multitude of effects and a truly bespoke brand presentation.

As with our other techniques, the duplexing process is crafted in house by our skilled team with a relentless attention to detail, allowing greater control over quality, timing and costs.

Your beautifully duplexed product can combine coloured stock to give the edge a simple, yet eye catching sandwich of colour. This process can be used in conjunction with most other techniques.

Express your brand in the most impressive way by combining quality stock, colour and techniques.

Duplexing our card for stylish finish  Duplex effect with Dies Cut   screwdriver-diecut-duplex

Our new identity is up and running!

Embellishing Group Thank youNow we have a little moment to breathe, I would like to take this time and digital space to say thank you. Thank you to our clients and thank you to our team at Embellishing Group.

When we identified the opportunity to consolidate the skills and assets of the three businesses we knew it wasn’t a particularly easy route, but we felt it was the right one.

Each of these businesses had very specific markets. When we merged the businesses it was important to make sure clients were better serviced under the newly branded Embellishing Group. To be sure, we are monitoring the response of our clients and so far so good.

To our clients; our key goal of this little period of change is greater choice of products and techniques with seamless friendly services with which you have become accustomed. If it doesn’t, you must let us know to resolve.  We thank you for your support so far.

We understood, as the change was made, we couldn’t afford to fall short on our responsibilities to our clients. Our team worked so hard to provide clients with precision printed products, whilst managing the demands we placed on them during the rebrand. We appreciate what they have achieved and the pressure they worked under.

This is a very exciting time for the business and we look forward to our client’s response to the new products and techniques currently in the pipeline. Know that we have the same team in place and are looking to expand to make your experience even better.

Embellishing Group – Bespoke Brand Presentations

Embellishing Group are hiring

Join the team!

Embellishing Group is seeking a new team member!

Embellishing Group Now HiringWe are looking for a dynamic telesales professional with a flair for marketing.

The newly rebranded Embellishing Group is a high-end speciality printing company based in Bathurst, NSW.

We are a family owned operation undergoing an expansion program and looking to build our team.

Working with the small dedicated team you will be responsible for;

·         Outbound telesales and follow up

·         Customer service and administration duties

·         Marketing support

It would be great if you have had some printing experience and are familiar with Smartsheet and DTP software, but not essential if we find that dynamic self starter!

Contact us for a position description and to discuss the role and style of Embellishing Group.

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Embellishing Group

The Launch of Embellishing Group

EMBELLISHING_GROUP_LOGO_RGB_SMALL_V2We are excited to announce the launch of Embellishing Group, experts in bespoke brand presentations. We have taken the very best in skills and techniques of three leading printing service businesses to create your answer for all quality crafted presentation products.

We saw the opportunity to combine the skills set of BSP Embellishing, Edward Brooks & Co with Testamurs. This way we can consolidate and maximise the in house facilities of each and use this as a basis to identify expand the products and techniques our clients demanded.

Our clients remain our number one focus. As one entity we can better understand their needs service them through our comprehensive product range.

We look forward to updating you on our new products and industry news.

Have a question? Need to find out how this might affect you? Contact our team and they will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us