Project of the week!

Project of the Week!

Laminated and mounted Product boxes!

Printed in full color and Metallic Gold.

Presentation Piece!

Specialty Envelope and Invite Project - Custom Make Envelope, Gold Foil

Custom Make Envelope and Specialty Invites

Recent Project – Custom Invites and Envelopes

Specialty Envelope and Invite Project - Custom Make Envelope, Gold Foil

We are seeing an increased number of specialty invites for corporate events, where designers want that extra attraction for their clients.

For custom make envelopes using embellishments, please see more at

Affect an edge on business cards!

Affect an edge on business cards!


Literally affect an edge on business cards using either metallic foils (called Gilding) or ink colors matching your branding (called edge painting).

This concept is fast becoming a benchmark for high end business cards.

This project was a 600gsm Cotton Stock, with Rose Gold Foil and PMS Edge painting.

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Metallic and Textured lamination creating tactile finishes!

At Embellishing Group we are now using Metallic and Textured films to create a bold and dazzling impact!


This photo is Silver Metallic + Leather or Linen finish over the top. The metallic film is also available in gold.

Also available are Matt, Gloss, Scuff Proof or Soft Touch Lamination which can be used on their own or in conjunction with the Solid Metallic film.

The applications for this product are packaging, presentation folders, covers, corporate invites and whatever else you can dream up. We can then foil over the top of the lamination for personalisation.

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