Duplex and Di cut for a fun business card

The Business of Business Cards

A business card, to some, may seem “old school”, a tool from the past. What video did to the radio star, the digital age did to the business card?

Not so. In fact, a quality business card can provide the impact to set you and your business apart from your competition. Online just can’t compete with that tactile edge of printing.

Embelliishing-Group-Folder-Busness-card-W  Using both the diecut and duplex techniques together  gOLD eDGE gILDING

First for Convenience

Business cards are small and easy to hand out when meeting a potential client. It contains the basic information that a new prospect needs to reach you or your business information.  It saves you the fuss of taking down numbers, or the digital share over the phone, where you become just another number.

Reflects your Brand

A business card leaves behind the information needed to contact you. It also leaves behind an impression of you and your business. The options to create a distinct card through design, font and stock gives you the opportunity to create a calling card that reflects you.

Power of Impact

A business card can really make an impact for clients. Using embellishing techniques you can make a business card memorable and collectable. Duplexing for weight, Foiling for a flash of colour, Embossing for texture and Die-cutting to create a truly individual piece.

Talk to our dedicated Presentation Consultants about our well crafted techniques. Adding these to your design can bring a business card to life.

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